DP University Application

Before proceeding with the application, you are required to have the following:

– Completed 90-day probation period with DP Electric
– Certificate of Education
– State Identification 


*Note: You must be a DP Electric Employee to enroll in DP University
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(Drivers License, State Identification, or Passport)
To be entered in the National Center for Construction, Education, and Research (NCCER) National Craft Training Registry and to comply with apprenticeships and student record keeping, you must complete this Grade and Wage Release Form. I hereby authorize: DP Electric, Inc. The national Center of Construction, Education, and Research (NCCER) and the National Craft Training Registry The AzDES Commerce Department, Apprenticeship Service The Veterans Administration Arizona@Work To verify information in my craft training records and to forward copies of my transcripts and/or wages progression information to each other or third parties upon request. I release and hold harmless DP Electric, NCCER, DES, VA, and AZ@Work for this verification process and submittal of student records.
Students – Any person who is currently enrolled in DP University Apprenticeship classes that has not signed a D. O. L. Indenture agreement. Attending classes does not mean one is an indentured apprentice. Apprentice – An individual who has signed an Apprenticeship Agreement. This is not done automatically upon registration. Education Coordinator will usually present the agreement for signatures two – four weeks after starting the program. On-the-Job Training (OJT) – Task learned on- the- job in which the student must become proficient before a completion certificate is awarded. The learning must be through structured, supervised work experience. 2,000 OJT hours per year are required. Related Instruction (RI/Training Room) – Instruction designed to provide the student with knowledge of the theoretical and technical subjects related to the student’s occupation. Such instruction may be given in training room, Through occupational or industrial courses, Or by correspondence courses of equivalent values, electronic media, or other forms of self-study approved by the Registration Agency. Certification of Completion of Apprenticeship- The Certification of Completion of Apprenticeship (Journeyman Certification) is issued by the U. S. Department of Labor to those registered apprentices certified and documented as successfully completing all the apprentice training requirements outlined in the Standards of Apprenticeship.
To be indentured, you must: 1. Be employed in the occupation of your trade 2. Complete this application in its entirety 3.Provided copies of documents including birth certificate, high school diploma or GED (if Applicable) *, 4. Current and valid driver’s license, or government issued ID card, and permanent resident card (if applicable)
Advanced placement is available for those students meeting certain criteria. To be considered for Advanced placement, the following documents must be submitted: 1. Current Resume 2. Official Transcript from an Accredited Post-Secondary institution 3. Official Transcript from any state registered apprenticeship program 4. Official Transcript from NCCER or Other Trades Education Center 5. Official Transcript from High School Construction Trade Program
Acceptable Documents must be submitted: Letter from your employer on company letterhead signed by non-related representative showing the hours worked in your trade and in what capacity (laborer or preliminary hours are capped at 2,000 in the year immediately preceding apprenticeship) Official Transcript from any state registered apprenticeship program provided it show OJT completion Official Transcript from NCCER or Other Trades Education Center provided it show OJT completion These documents may be uploaded or submitted to the Education Coordinator. Documents must be received at least 10 business days prior to the start of the apprenticeship for advance placement to be considered. In some cases, a placement exam may be required. In no cases will advanced placement be considered beyond year 4 or 6000 hours as the state requires all apprentice to be active in the D.O.L database for a minimum of one year.
Each year you are required a number of hours to be able to advance to the next year of apprenticeship. As well as an average of 80% grade total for the year. 1. Year 1 – Beginning with 0 and ending with 2000 OJT 2. Year 2 – Beginning with 2000 and ending with 4000 OJT 3. Year 3 – Beginning with 4000 and ending with 6000 OJT 4. Year 4 – Beginning with 6000 and ending with 8000 OJT
How do I know if I have a disability? You are considered to have a disability if you have a physical or mental impairment or medical condition that substantially limits a major life activity, or if you have a history or record of such an impairment or medical condition. Disabilities include, but are not limited to: blindness, deafness, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, HIV/AIDS, schizophrenia, muscular dystrophy, bipolar disorder, major depression, multiple sclerosis (MS), missing limbs or partially missing limbs, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder, impairments requiring the use of a wheelchair, and intellectual disability (previously called mental retardation).
The US Department of Labor requires each apprentice to complete a minimum of 144 hours RI per year of apprenticeship. Mandatory attendance is required for all classes. Absences are counted by year, not per course, module, or section. Any absence – apprentices are required to notify education coordinator as soon as they know they will miss class. Third absence- apprentices missing 3 classes are at risk of not completing the required RI. As such, third absence will only be allowed in extreme circumstances and must have required documentation such as a doctor’s note, obituary, or accidents report. If too many hours are missed in a year and it will not be possible to meet the 144 hour minimum, the apprentice will be withdrawn from class and required to restart the from the beginning at the next scheduled year start date. Arriving 15 minutes late or leaving 15 minutes early will result in an absence. Absence due to health reasons, family issues, or other exceptional circumstances will be considered at the Education Manager discretion. I understand and agree to DP University Apprenticeship attendance policy as stated above.
Passing score for module test is 70% or more. Anything lower apprentices must retake the test on a scheduled retake test date. If apprentices does not earn a passing score the second time, they must wait at least 14 calendar days before retaking the exam; failure to show will result in a failed test score. Apprentices are given two (2) opportunities to pass each module exam. If apprentices fail both tests, they will be charged $20 per attempt for the third, fourth, etc. exam. By payroll deduction. I understand and agree to DP University Apprenticeship program testing policy as stated above.
Only approved electronics are permitted in the classroom. All cell phones, tablets, and similar devices must be stored and are not allowed in the classroom at any time. This is a zero-tolerance policy. If a student is found using these devices, they will be asked to store them. If caught a second time, the student will be asked to leave the classroom for the remainder of the class. At the start of their first class, each student will receive a card with emergency instructions and a phone number. Students are required to pass this information to their immediate emergency contact. Continued violations of this policy will result in a required meeting with the Program Director and may lead to removal from the program.
All Apprentices will be given one NCCER book for their class year. First Year Apprentices will be given one backpack, notebook, highlighter, and pen. Second year students will be given one NEC Code book. Any lost, stolen, or damaged materials will be the Apprentice responsibility to replace.
By registering for classes, apprentices agrees to pay $350.00 if apprentices withdrawals / gets terminated / or quits. Should an apprentices for any reason decide not to continue with the program? 1. The apprentices must give a written notice to Education Coordinator as soon as possible. (Lisette.Baeza@dpelectric.com) $350.00 will cover materials and admin time. If apprentices gets terminated or quits, the $350.00 will be charged to the apprentice’s last paycheck. If apprentices withdrawals and follows the step 1 above, the $350.00 payment can be made in payments by payroll deduction. I understand and agree to DP University Apprenticeship cancellation policy as stated above.