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NCCER Nationally Accredited Apprenticeship Program

The nationally accredited apprenticeship program at DP University is designed to give students an unmatched education experience by blending the curriculum designed by the NCCER along with the core values of DP Electric Inc. This four-year program encompasses classroom instruction, coupled with on-the-job learning to create highly educated, well-rounded Electricians. This program is offered at no expense to DP Electric employees and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as an accredited program.

Our Story

Dan Puente founded DP Electric in 1990 with the vision of creating a company that values employees, is service-oriented, and delivers quality work. He started DP Electric in his garage, utilizing 10 years of experience in the electrical industry.

Dan’s vision for DP Electric was on quality, service, integrity, excellence, and opportunity for all employees. To this day, these remain company principles. Through these principles, Dan saw a need for an education program that fit the needs of his employees. This eventually led to the creation of DP University.

The DP University apprenticeship program was designed to fit the needs of our employees and clients while also meeting the requirements set forth by the NCCER. To this day we have over 100 active students working towards earning their journeyman certificates.

Nationally Accredited

DP University is a NCCER Nationally accredited aprenticeship program. This means that at the end of the program, you will receive your journeymans card and can bring that with you anywhere in the country.

Zero Debt

DP University is funded by DP Electric and as such, free to all DP Electric employees. At this time, the program is only offered to DP Employees who have been employed for 90 days.

Designed for Your Schedule

DP University is one day a week, from 3:30pm-6:30pm. This schedule is designed to work great as apprentices are able to come straight from the job site to class. DP University also provides dinner to the students.

Earn While You Learn

DP University is a four year apprenticeship program. Because it is built directly into DP Electric, as you progress through the program, you will also progress in your career. This includes yearly raises, titles, etc.

Unrivaled Instruction

The teachers at DP University are field leaders at DP Electric. This means that the instructors you will be learning from in class, you will also be working with side by side each day at your job site.

Building A Network For Growth

AT DPU, you will be working with field leadership, meeting with the executive team, and learning along side your peers. You will meet and network with individuals that will help you in your career for years to come.

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